Missing Persons


A chronicle of the intersecting lives of four lost souls haunting the fringes of Coney Island's 60th Precinct. John Funn, a lonely Missing Persons detective at the frayed end of a once promising career, hitches his wagon to the rising star of a strange and impressionable young sergeant named Snookie. Computo, a World War II Army surplus robot, and Crazy Legs, an horrifically injured streetfighter, eke out a desperate living hawking mislabelled narcotics, while patiently awaiting happier times cialisviagras.com. Woven throughout the unraveling of these two dysfunctional partnerships is the story of a bizarre Missing Persons case involving a mysterious half-drowned man living one foot below the surface of the Atlantic ocean.


Missing Persons was written, animated, voiced and scored by Matt and Dan O'Donnell.

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